“Arcuda’s Eye 16” displays new work by Jeff Bear, AKA Arcuda. Over two hundred photographs explore the idea that very ordinary and overlooked things can contain artistic elements that transform them into works of art when seen by an artist’s eye.

Color, texture, form, composition, light and shade can be found as you walk down any street if you know how and where to look. These images show what Arcuda’s eyes have seen during 2015.

Date & Time :

February 13 - 28, 2016

Venue :

The Lobby of The Theater at ACS Athens

Opening :

Saturday February 13 @19:00 - 22:00

Abstraction 100 A3 is a single image made of 100 separate images, each a part of reality often ignored before Arcuda’s Eye found it.

Abstraction 100 A4, see the note above and add “think smaller to save space.”

Amazing Feets, Genesis: A young lady I once knew liked beaches, as do I. She kept a record of all the seashores she’d visited all over the world by taking a photograph on each beach of her feet standing on the sand. She claimed to be able to identify which beach each photo depicted! Such an amazing feat of perceptual memory was suspect but memorable, and inspiring.

Extracts are details abstracted from some of my previous works to create new images.

Regression, or Mostly Black and White, shows my age. I used to take thousands of black and white pictures during my photography teaching years. Beauty can exist without color if you know how to look for it.

Objective Pieces, as opposed to abstractions, focus on a subject using all the elements of art. You can abstract what you wish from them.

Depression: For all my artistic detachment I can’t avoid the place I live and its problems. I love Greece and I am saddened by the horrible effects of its Depression. These images and poems are impressions of recent life in Athens. Many of us ignore the evidence of our plight and just get on with our own lives. Although most of us know what needs to be done to fix things, our leaders don’t seem to be very good at doing. We all need, like artists, not just to look, but to really see, and to do.

Arcuda (with book) Grandchild Lily (with iPad)

Arcuda (with book) Grandchild Lily (with iPad)

Jeff Bear

Jeff Bear, aka, Arcuda, has enjoyed the art experience for over sixty years. An American teacher of art and English for forty-four years in various locations around the world, he has seen a lot of things and is still looking around in a daze of wonder at this amazing world.

At times a sculptor, painter, cartoonist and photographer, he also has played with words for decades and scribbles poetry incessantly in his retirement after more than twenty years of teaching at ACS Athens.

Jeff lives in Athens with his Scottish wife and a three legged Greek cat. Other things that occupy his time include games like tennis, darts and poker as well as omnivorous reading, (see above photograph) aforementioned writing and just sitting around looking and thinking.