Date & Time :

Tuesday, April 21, 2015 @14:00

Venue :

The Theater at ACS Athens

RSVP / Audience :

Members of the ACS Athens parent and local alumni communities are welcome to attend

Please RSVP : Ms. Marietta Garbis - ph.: 210.6393.200 x302 /

Duration :

80 minutes (no intermission)

The Institute for Innovation and Creativity and the IB Department at ACS Athens present UCL Classical Drama Society in performance of Euripide's "The Bacchae".

ACS Athens students who study classical Greek tragedy as part of their course work in IB or Honors Greek, English, IB Literature / Language, Theater Arts and Humanities are invited...

Play Synopsis & Details

The UCL Classical Drama Society and the Department of Greek & Latin are proud to present this production of Bacchae in association with the Bloomsbury Theatre.

  • The play is Directed by Emily Louizou in a modern English translation by James Morwood
  • Costume Design is done by ACS Athens alumna Eleni Bantra

The Bacchae is Euripides' last play, written shortly before his death.  Within it, the Greek tragedian encapsulates what it means to be a human being.  It is a unique tragedy that explores the darkest corners of human nature, and its raw and animalistic side.  The Bacchae is a tragedy that searches deep into the human soul and confronts humans' worst fears: pain, sorrow, and disgrace.  Euripides' play portrays the undesired emotionalism which can lead human crowds into inhuman conduct.

Our production allows modern audiences to meet Dionysus — god of pleasure, madness, and liberation — in a mad Bacchic frenzy as a state of delusion which holds the human body at the centre of its creation.  Euripides has created an enthralling piece: a game of antithetical forces, where sanity and madness come to conflict.  In a performance-ritual about the battle between human instincts and human wisdom, join us for a dark celebration of the exotic and the ecstatic; for a journey of no time and no space into the ‘otherness’ of the human self.


A game of fragmented identities.
A game of revenge and punishment.
A game of life. And death.


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