Join us in the latest Art Exhibit by Mr. Jeff Bear. The exhibition will include new artwork by Jeff Bear - former Art teacher at the American Community Schools of Athens for over twenty years.

"Arcuda's Eye 15" displays new work by Jeff Bear. Over a hundred photographs explore the idea that very ordinary and overlooked things can contain artistic elements that transform them into works of art when seen by an artist’s eye.

Color, texture, form, composition, light and shade can be found walking down any street if you know how and where to look. These photographs, taken in Greece and England, show how Arcuda’s eyes have served the artist for many decades of creating.

Jeff Bear

Jeff Bear, AKA, Arcuda, has enjoyed the art experience for over sixty years. An American teacher of art and English for forty-four years in various locations around the world, he has seen a lot of things but is still looking around in a daze of wonder at this amazing world.

At times a sculptor, painter, cartoonist and photographer, he also has played with words for decades and scribbles poetry incessantly in his retirement after more than twenty years of gainful employment at ACS Athens.

Jeff lives in Athens with his Scottish wife and two Greek cats. Other things that occupy his time include games like tennis, darts and poker as well as omnivorous reading, aforementioned writing and just sitting around thinking.

Date & Time :

February 2 - 15, 2015 - School Hours

Venue :

Lobby of The Theater at ACS Athens

The event is open to the ACS Athens community and to the general public

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