Arcuda's Eye

Join us in the latest Art Exhibit by Mr. Jeff Bear.  Mr. Jeff Bear has been an Arts Department faculty member, at the American Community Schools of Athens for over twenty years.

The work in the show is all new work done over the past year. Photographs and photographic collages capture the vibrant colors, forms, patterns and designs hidden in plain view in the most ordinary subjects. The theme is that "real seeing" is the essence of the artist's task and, indeed, the essence of art.

Date & Time :

February 10 - 21, 2014 - School Hours
(Opening & Reception: Monday, February 10, 16:00 - 20:00)

Venue :

Lobby of The Theater at ACS Athens

The event is open to the ACS Athens community and the general public

Here is what Mr. Bear has said about his education, his travels and his art, in the past:

When I was a student at Faulkner Street Elementary School in New Smyrna Beach, Florida, I discovered two things: I was an artist.  I wanted to teach art.  That these revelations were inspired by my art teacher, Faith Lee, I record here along with my regret that I never really told her how much she meant to my life.  I taught myself how to draw and paint; Mrs. Lee taught me how one shares a love of art through teaching.

At the Hill School in Pottstown, Pennsylvania, I found that I had a talent for caricature and cartooning and I also learned how to write.  Then during four years at Wesleyan University in the 1960’s, I discovered that sculpture and welding were fun.  I worked in metal during the years I taught and exhibited in Florida before moving to New England.

For the decade that I taught in the greater Boston area, I became more interested in photography and painting as I discovered that sculpture was neither portable nor profitable.  The portability requirement became even more relevant when I took my first teaching post outside of the U.S.A. in 1981.

Actually, Athens, Greece, already had enough sculpture, although TASIS, at that time, needed an art teacher.  My first years in Greece were well spent, since I met my lovely Scottish wife, Chris.

During work and residence in Indonesia, England, Spain and Jordan, my personal artwork was mostly photography and drawing.  Upon a return to Greece, I entered what I think of as my “doodle period.” Those drawings featured high contrast patterns and whimsical, intricate subjects that satisfied some neurotic inner need for minute detail.

Then I began working with collage and three dimensional assemblages.  These pieces were often inspired by my poetry and I discovered what I call my “magpie eye” after that bird’s fascination with bright metallic things. Also, upon my retirement after 44 years of teaching, I’ve started to delve into photographic images again, searching for abstract forms in humble subjects I find around me wherever I am.

Making these things has always given me great pleasure and I enjoy sharing that pleasure with others.

Jeff lives in Athens with his Scottish wife and two Greek cats. Other things that occupy his time include games like tennis, darts and poker as well as omnivorous reading, aforementioned writing and just sitting around thinking.

Recently elevated to the privileges and title of “Granddad Bear,” Arcuda must be approached with proper respect, but if you meet him, keep him talking about the Art Experience or you may have to look at numerous baby pictures.


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