Stephanos Papadopoulos : The Black Sea at The Theater at ACS Atrium

“Unobtrusively but decisively, Stephanos Papadopoulos’ work is informed by various cultures: American, Greek, ancient and modern, French and English.  He follows other poets, but mostly he follows his heart.  In his poetry the melancholy of the modern finds its beauty in loss itself.  Papadopoulos catches this beauty in poem after poem, while his poetry swims for joy in the Atlantic, Mediterranean, and Aegean...”  Stanley Moss

Stephanos Papadopoulos will read from his latest collection of poems "The Black Sea".

"The Black Sea" explores the historic "great catastrophe" of the Pontic Greeks of Asia Minor in the 1920s through a series of "sonnet-monologues" or voices from the past.  Priests, prostitutes, soldiers, and a bizarre cast of characters move throught this poetic reimagining of a tragic chapter in Greece's history.

Date & Time :

December 20, 2012 at 19:00

Venue :

The Atrium of the Theater at ACS Athens

Reception :

The reading will be followed by a wine and cheese reception and a chance to meet the author

Stephanos is an ACS Athens graduate (class 1994) and we are very proud to welcome him back on campus.

Read more in the  Event's invitation ... and the author's website