Morphosis”, an exhibition of drawings by Cim Thomakos, will be on display in

The gallery of The Theater at ACS

October 1 - 12, 2012 (during school hours)

Entrance is free to the public.

Abstract drawing

In 1995-96, during an extended practice of drawing plant forms, Ms. Thomakos became deeply engaged in perceiving the ways that organisms undergo development and change form.

This work represents not only the morphosis of the organic subjects but the morphoses of the artist and the works of art as well.

Cim Thomakos has been teaching Visual Arts at ACS Athens since 1980. She is a published writer and illustrator. Her work has been exhibited in the US and in Greece.

"Morphosis" was on display for two weeks, for all to enjoy, but it also served as a reference and an inspiration for IB Art classes - as you can see in this gallery ...