January 27-February 10, 2018


Opening: Saturday, January 27, 19:00- 22:00

About the show

When I was first starting out in the 60’s in Florida there was an outdoor art show circuit. Towns all over Florida sponsored sidewalk “clothesline” shows of work by Florida artists who competed for awards and sold their creations in the sunshine at different locations throughout the summer.  At the time I was doing metal sculpture and did not do any “hanging” but many artists actually hung their shows on lines stretched between lamp posts with clothes pins.

Later in my art teaching career the outdoor clothesline show was a popular Spring exhibition mode, especially in places where there was good weather! Teachers liked it since it was easy to hang and take down. Kids liked it because it was outdoors, informal, spread out and usually was accompanied by food and drink stations.

This show is me taking it easy in my middle age. I thought that as well as being easy to hang, it might be fun. What I have hung is new work, but in the spirit of the wash day theme I have left space for viewers to hang any of my old work they choose from an “old clothes” basket. There is also a food and drink station for the opening wash day.

As usual this work is about the way I see as well as what I see. I spend good bits of my retirement just wandering about and looking at life, wee camera in hand. I have hung what I saw out on the line here for all the neighbourhood to see. Hang around and take a look with Arcuda (that’s me, the Bear) Enjoy the day.

Jeff Bear